Three Months Into Web3 — No, I’m Not Rich Yet. Yes, I’m having a great time!

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6 min readMay 30, 2022


Web 3.0 — A Buzzword Perhaps, But With Heart

Is the prospect of great wealth going to be the driver for mass adoption? I’d argue against that. I’ve earned some money in the scene, I’ve made contacts and met interesting people, and I think that I’m happy with this experience.

What would be considered adoption? Everyone using metamask? Trading cryptocurrencies? Attending twitter spaces led by hosts high on marijuana?

Ethereum’s main website has one definition of Web3, the Twitter hippies have another, and each explanation that I come across has their own contradictory input. Perhaps we’re all feeding into AI governance system. Actually, I think we may be. A financial revolution is certainly occuring with the creation of vast new treasuries of wealth, ApeCoin being one of those war chests.

That’s exactly how see it too. These DAOs and token treasuries are vast mostly untapped stores of value. If all of the tokens were released, sell-pressure would surely take them to zero. Instead they are held locked up, distributed overtime to realize their true diluted market cap. What will these be used for? I’ve got a few ideas. Especially as uses to combat old Web2 institutions.

Nowadays, I wake up most feeling as though I’m protecting the ApeCoin treasury. If there ever were a day where Meta(Facebook) were to release their metaverse and not accept Ethereum and other tokens, we’re essentially locked out of mainstream adoption. We’ll be forced to enter their ecosystem where creators are not rewarded. They’ll own our data and run the show.

So what benefit is ApeCoin and why do I place it in such high esteem? Because it (along with many others) can sustain cryptocurrency users who become locked out of “walled gardens” such as facebook’s future metaverse. Web3 is the freedom to choose and trade currencies like Ethereum. In all likelihood, companies like Microsoft will also be selective about currencies accessible.

These large corporate entities are going to effectively limit the types of currencies that users can collect and hold. They’ll likely have high fees for creators and gamers that will stifle or prevent the idea of “living online,” which is entirely against the goals I’d like to see. I want a future where gamers like me can earn a living, where artists and NFT creators all can thrive.

ApeCoin Has Great Potential To Power Web3 Adoption — It’s Unrealized

As incentives, as rewards to gamers, and for artists; ApeCoin has the market backing to do that. With Yuga Labs recent land sale, we saw nearly all the major players on NFT Twitter purchase ApeCoin to exchange for Otherdeeds for the upcoming Otherside Metaverse Game. While details about this game haven’t been released, there’s an enormous amount of users now vested.

Let me be clear when I say that these Twitter Space hosts don’t realize just how big of a role they’ve taken on with the purchase of these land. The official website tells them, “We’re building the Otherside Metaverse together,” and its a great responsibility that hasn’t been understood yet by most them. Again, there’s a lot of marijuana use in these Spaces, a lot of hippy “wagmi” added.

I’ll admit that it’s inspiring and inviting to be in the twitter scene, though I don’t partake in the illicit substances, so sometimes I leave rooms that are ran by those who get too “baked,” they are attracting many people however. Many thousands are flocking into these rooms on weekly basis, becoming captivated by these kind and friendly people who are talking about “succeeding in web3.”

Sometimes on matters of ApeCoin, I feel that I’m more suited to get along with the business-minded Apes and investor-types. While I’m capable of “vibing” with about anyone, more serious discussions are avoided — even discouraged by individuals who are stoned behind the keyboard and were early enough to mint BAYC NFTS. It’s these “stoners” that are louder than the smart minds.

And I hate that part of this current Web3 scene. Feeling as though I need to dumb myself down, quell my aggressive business mind, and shorten the length of my posts and thoughts down to a single sentence. If I post serious content on twitter, zero engagement. It shows on my page as if nobody likes it and truth is, they probably don’t like it. Punctuality is downplayed here.

Twitter Profiles Like This Build Followings in Web3

Now hey, I don’t want to bash the innovation of marijuana users in the scene. Um, but I can make an argument that their general best-use is for attracting others into Twitter Spaces. Many programmers use marijuana, and many claim that it helps them solve complex problems. That’s okay, but coming into this, I see many terrible ideas gaining traction saying “yeahh bro lets do it.”

There are serious individuals like me lurking, and we’re saying “all these people are following your terrible ideas.” And if we want to build a following it’s almost a requirement to dumb our public images down. I’d have 10x the followers if I put on a stoner ape profile picture. The problem is that I believe that is wrong to do. It’s not me, its not the culture that I want to build on.

During this blog update, I keep bringing up the marijuana use because it’s not a culture that I want to see thrive in the long-haul. I think that many are inhibited and fail to follow through because of drug use. All of these people are easily beatable, they’re not consistent and they’re not focused. Currently, I’d label this widespread drug use as a liability for Web3 adoption as a whole.

Coming full circle back to ApeCoin, I find it difficult to have conversations about Otherdeeds and AIP proposals with many of the more influential in the scene, because I’m not high as I’m here. So when I type out a complete sentence, I think it scares some people. “Oh shit, I have to read!” I know that this has been the reaction i’ve gotten by some of these “apecoin” peers.

Presentation is everything. It’s important. In the next 3 months that I spend here, I’ll try to find ways to loosen up and connect more with these individuals. It’d be a helluva lot easier if I could just “delegate your votes to me, I pay attention this stuff.” And I’m looking at ways to do that, else we’re not likely going to see ApeCoin proposals get the attention they deserve.

More Stoners…Everywhere…Drug Use…

How do we further mass adoption of these technologies beyond drug cultures and general “degen” mentality? Currently, a majority of influencers on NFT Twitter are promoting this. People are tuning into it, whether it’s the right audience we’re looking for is debatable. New users coming in won’t all be the same, me certainly I don’t appreciate conversations being led by these types.

I think overtime we’ll see these users be rewarded less-and-less, and I hope that through gamer adoptions and more, we’ll see sharper minds prevail.

As far as what is web3, what drives mass adoption…maybe it’ll be some of the feel-good influences of these early users. Maybe it’ll be favorable tokenomics that invite gamers to try blockchain games. Maybe everyone can win in web3 regardless of drug use, based only on the merit. The terrible marketing and general business practices of the prevalent voices cant last forever, right?


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