Reflections On My Time So Far — And How Good Deeds Pay Dividends

This is a personal blog. For my apecoin newsletter:

Spending an enormous amount of time online blurs the days. I’m nearly confident to say it’s been six months now. Maybe a month ago, I said the same. Regardless, it’s been an interesting journey of learning & growth.

Perhaps there’s been no greater highlight than what happened this last week. I was able to go down my “rolodex” of people that I've interacted with, asking for the support for a proposal involving my role in Apecoin.

It represents months of kind interactions & good deeds. To be able to then ask for their references and support is something that I’m very proud of. A large number responded with vocal public support. They came through!

It’s energizing & renewing for someone who’s been tired but working.

So where do we go next…

Well, certainly the next chapter starts soon.

What I do know is that expectations will be raised. I’ll need to push past any remaining hesitation, increase my knowledge & my confidence, and ensure that I am performing at a high level. For someone who considered themselves emotionally “rekt” after a divorce , I’m feeling healthy again.

Entering into an environment where I’m surrounded by kind and smart people, an online world of artists and traders, has done wonders for me.

The seasons are changing where I live, and usually in the fall, I’ll finish the last of jobs I have lined up for the year, then “hibernate” for the winter, in previous years I’ve attempted to write small fantasy novels with my time.

I think I’ll do the same this year, with a couple exceptions. Instead of the usual time spent on my favorite video game, I’ll devote more attention to participation in the DAO. It’s operated much like a forum, similar to World of Warcraft’s, and I quite enjoy my time there. Perhaps years spent on WoW forums have prepared me for online governance protocols.

I still am struggling to write fantasy stories. I think it’s because I’m not in a virtual MMO where I’m inspired to write about the landscape and fantasy creatures seen. I did recently get some character art made…!

Maybe I’ll write a hard-hitting action story. Or a romance? No, not romance. That takes more inspiration than nearly any other. The secret to writing good emotion is to weave your own into characters. I’m not feeling romantic Ha! Give it time though, maybe I’ll find metaverse love.

Last I left off in the story of Sword, he was sitting on a cliff’s edge, a floating island, with little to do but observe the land he’d found. A few passerbys caught his attention, and he began to follow them with interest. Following them for quite a time, he ended up in the ruins of a once-great city. Now mostly rubble, the story faded away with him plummeting from great heights. I suppose I should start with him opening his eyes.

Or maybe, I shouldn’t do expected things. We’ll see.

I’m learning in my adventures that good deeds come back to help. Perhaps I can tie that into writing. Genuinely acting to assist others, with no thought of returns, simply experience, has done me well so far. Maybe it would benefit my story character to have some of these same experiences.

A heroes journey has several stages, ones where they stall, ones where they advance, and times where they fall backwards. All of it is in pursuit of greater mastery of ones self, overcoming obstacles and more. Sword is the first hero character I’ve tried to write. Others have done good, though they were written with flaws that caused them to do bad. In his case, I want to build a genuine lawful individual, one that close reflects my own desires.

When I’m writing, I like to consider interactions I’ve had in my personal life, then find ways to relate them to the story. Integrate them with the lessons learned, and move onto the next chapter to tell another.

What does the next chapter hold for me?

Whatever comes next, I’ll need to finish writing this one soon.



I’m a creative writer who has lived in online games, the metaverse, for many years. I am here to guide conversations and influence the future of gaming.

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0xSword (Todd)

I’m a creative writer who has lived in online games, the metaverse, for many years. I am here to guide conversations and influence the future of gaming.