Otherside’s “First Trip” Tech Demo Was A Great Success

0xSword (Todd)
2 min readJul 18, 2022


Yuga Lab’s Otherside Metaverse had a successful tech demo over the weekend. Truly it’s shaping up to be “the pride,” of Apecoins ecosystem. There are very few moments in gaming history where users have gathered in such large numbers. The technology built by Improbable.io beat expectations!

Below I’ll highlight a couple of the tech demos features, but more importantly…I’ll share the twitter space replay for the after-party, where Herman of Improbable.io talks with members of the community when the demo completed. There were four thousand happy users who participated in the “First Trip,” all with great feedback. For a quick recap of the experience, Curveline’s youtube channel did a great wrap-up.

This experience was streamed on PC browsers and didn’t require high-end PCs for the users to play. It’s remarkable how many gathered and performed tasks using their avatars, emotes, and voice capabilities.

We had an early look into Kodas, even meeting more, who landed on Otherside as event. Ending with a great boss battle, users had to throw themselves at an enormous evil Koda. Ultimately successful in this endeavor, the First Trip came to an end with a short teaser clip. All users who attended this trip had their Otherdeed NFTs updated to reflect their participation, giving our first look into these new dynamic NFTs.

Being active on Twitter is the best way to stay in the loop about the latest happenings. Afterwards, there was a party where Improbable.io’s CEO Herman celebrated and talked about game design in general. There was enormous amount of twitter buzz during the Saturday tech demo, if you weren’t able to attend the afterparty, here’s the link.

Listen to this in your free-time to get an idea of how excited the devs were!

This replay should be available until ~ August 16th, 2022 for playback.

In so many ways, the technology that our metaverse is being built on exceeds the capabilities of any game that has come before it. ApeCoin is responsible for powering The Otherside, the first of metaverse that will be created on this new technology. There is such a bright future just ahead of us.

There will be more chances to earn credit for Otherdeed owners that missed this trip, and several more demos this year. As we make decisions in the ApeCoin DAO, we should always be proud of the powerful tech.



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