Otherside Metaverse’s Load Test Was A Great Success — Positive Sentiments On Twitter

0xSword (Todd)
3 min readJul 6, 2022


Footage of one “Voyagers” experience on Otherside’s Stress Test

There are a lot of happy “Voyagers” today after the first load test of The Otherside. Twitter is lively with happy users sharing their footage and Twitter Spaces have positive sentiment about Yuga Lab’s upcoming The Otherside Metaverse. There are a lot of reasons to be excited about the technology.

The test was done in a browser. It had voice capabilities and hosted almost 3000 users seamlessly who were able to travel throughout the testing grounds. There were very few problems reported and the servers held up well using Improbable.io ‘s tests. An exciting aspect of this that isn’t being talked about is how the system requirements for users were not demanding or strenuous.

It did not require a great gaming PC to play in this load test. The character models were simple, but it’s expected that NFT collections will be able to upload their models into the game in future updates. It’s also speculated that this technology will easily convert to mobile gaming, which is a powerful tool for acquiring more users. The ability to use our phones in this will be huge!

Thousands of users were able to be online at one time!

Otherside Meta will be the pride of Apecoin DAO. Many of the goals of the DAO center around culture, metaverse, & web3. Primarily, the token holders of the DAO are also involved with BAYC & Yuga Labs, so the goals of the DAO align closely with those of The Otherside. As a contributor of Apecoin DAO, I look at the project as a way to onboard many NFT collections into one universe.

As 3D assets become more popular for NFT collections to release, there will be a signifcant consumer desire to use these inside of a popular gaming world. There are many NFT collections today that are starting to look at how they can integrate into the metaverse, and given the power of The Otherside’s tech, the responsibility of Apecoin to power this metaverse is more important than ever.

We’re building a metaverse that is at the heart of culture & web3, and the DAO in particular operates the coin that will be powering The Otherside. There are ways we can help through proposals and more as the process goes on. Some collections may need grants to fund their NFTs to be converted into 3d files, while others may want to reward their metaverse users with Apecoin rewards.

The Otherside is powered by Apecoin. Every successful test of The Otherside metaverse puts an increased responsibility on the DAO to ensure we act as proper stewards for the token, granting proposal requests with metaverse in mind.



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