On Surviving My First Crypto-Winter — Not Sure How Long It’s Been But I’m Doing Well

0xSword (Todd)
6 min readAug 23, 2022


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Instead of it feeling like summer time, I’m experiencing a general feeling of being in a log cabin. For the last few years I have been “living” in an online video game, so the move to web3 was fairly easy. Following twitter spaces & reading in-depth technology articles has become a pass time, which I view as a positive thing. Crypto-winter definitely feels like winter however.

Once the market sentiment started to change, I’d made the decision to fight through the hard times. This meant downsizing my home to take advantage of the volatile market prices and affordable entry prices for cryptocurrencies. I had to develop a plan for the next few years, how I’ll devote myself to causes professionally to leverage “being early” to find these new web3 opportunities.

I’d definitely be much happier if the Otherside Metaverse was functioning. I look forward to getting into this game with friends that I’ve met online. Much like how golfing can be great for building business relations, I think that being able to say: “hey, lets go run around the game. So-and-so is hosting a big event, lets go support them,” will be great for connecting w/ like minds.

I Picture The Otherside W/ Purple Lightning Streaking Through The Sky

In April I wrote a short story about the landscape that I envisioned as this metaverse has been forming. Crypto-winter has changed that a bit. Also meeting new individuals has inspired my views to change a bit. I’m not an artist so I’m unable to depict these images. Instead, if a picture is worth a thousand words, well, I’m happy to write 50,000 to try to describe it.

But I haven’t felt inspired to write any fantasy stories in a while. Maybe it’s the new environment outside of this “metaverse” experience, as I’m in a new house with new routines. Healthy lifestyle changes perhaps have a negative impact on a creative’s inspiration. I’m far more likely to sit down to write a new $APE proposal than to write a fantasy story or play a video game.

This all wouldn’t have been possible, me staying here, without finding a group of people who have similar ambitions. After discovering Luvelli, an artist & gamer, I came across an Ape who had a new project launching. It was funny because 2 minutes after the Ape followed me, he posted a gif on his own page that showed Sponge Bob saying “my face when i realize I need more apecoin.”

I’m An Equestrian Now In The Metaverse

Within a short time after meeting this Ape, his club changed directions. They were developing on NFT Worlds to create a play to earn game. With news of the Otherside Metaverse just starting, they announced they were changing directions to focus the community entirely on developing on the upcoming platform. After the initial land sale, we celebrated him acquiring 19 deeds.

Truly, my biggest social supporter has been this Ape & the equestrian club that has formed. He wants to promote being an “Otherside Thought-Leading Community,” and has bold ambitions. This club has served as a “home base” for me, and though our mint may have been rocky in May, it’s something that I and others take a lot of pride in. We’re going to the Otherside together.

Large collective guilds have begun to form. I follow all of them, track their innovations & movements. There’s something enjoyable about being part of a smaller community that gives me a sense of belonging. While I may be shyer to get on-stage in large twitter spaces, the club’s leader jumps into them with enthusiasm and smart questions. Ultimately I think we’ll be successful.

The Otherside Is A Vast Expanse That Will Grow Even Larger

Any person would be a fool to think they could “conquer the metaverse,” and I often met people who aspired, on a smaller scale, to try on World of Warcraft servers to gain influence & reputation. On roleplay servers, there were guilds who thought they “ruled the realm.” I purposely would teach new players how to roleplay to counter these guilds, believing that no one reigns supreme.

In this video game, I saw great success by countering the large guilds. One could make an argument that the realm was truly mine, because I broke the centralized nature of guilds by creating independent players, and teaching groups of players. I don’t believe that any guild or organization within the Otherside metaverse will be able to conquer, no matter the size of holdings.

My “dream” that I’ve discussed for a few years was to find a way for my own small Warcraft guild to play the game full-time, able to make money to cover real life expenses without having to leave the game. OthersideMeta opens that possibility. If lands produce passive income, they should be able to support some players to inhabit them. That’s the future I hope to see.

The Ape that I mentioned earlier says “P2E is dead,” but I believe that we’re on the front-lines of seeing bold ambitions for gaming become reality.

While it may be snowing here in Crypto-winter, I continue to learn & come up with new plans. My big personal project is moving well, though it won’t be launched for upto six months. My days are filled with social interactions online through twitter & some other places I frequent. During this time I’m making a lot of headway and progress towards my goals in APEcoin DAO.

I’ll definitely devote myself to this current path for a long amount of time. My family has doubts as to if it can last forever. I tell them that its okay for me to take a few years to do these online things. I’ve hunked down in this “cabin” to wait out the snow. I read somewhere that crypto-seasons change much faster than real life seasons, so hopefully we’ll see markets improve in the fall time.

I’m incredibly excited about the prospects of earning & living in an online metaverse. It may not be as I expected, where instead I’ll need to work to deliver services for a DAO, or create 3D objects that players use, but the fact that these doors are now opened for me is incredible & thrilling. I wake up each day with drive & a sense of purpose. I just hope winter ends soon!

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