My Experience With ApeCoin Proposals

  • For the idea stage: have members active on the official forums
  • For the draft stage: longer proposals look better on paper
  • For the questions stage: longer draft = more questions
  • I was the only advocate on the forums for the idea
  • I received private message with support but no public
  • For 7 days, I returned to add more information
  • The proposal draft was written to be 4 pages long
  • Within 7 days of submission, I received many questions
  • I wrote TOO much and some of the questions were difficult
  1. Will the legal and security audit reports be made available prior to funding the project? If the legal or security audit report come back with problems, is the Foundation expected to not go forward with this proposal?
  2. What is the distribution/earning mechanism? For example, how much ApeCoin will be rewarded if the user spends 1 hour today on the game? Will the mechanism be posted publicly for transparency purpose?
  3. The AIP draft states that it is estimated that the project can increase the ApeCoin holder count by more than 100,000 to 500,000+ users. How did the team arrive this estimate?
  4. The AIP draft states that the DAO will vote on the fund allocation to be made to both new and existing games. How frequent should new AIPs regarding this be expected to come in for voting?
  5. What is the expected timeline to spend these funds?



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0xSword (Todd)

0xSword (Todd)

I’m a creative writer who has lived in online games, the metaverse, for many years. I am here to guide conversations and influence the future of gaming.