Introducing Tales From The Wild — ApeCoin Rewards For More Than Just Play 2 Earn

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Introducing Tales From The Wild — Play 2 Earn, Read 2 Earn, Watch 2 Earn

Tales From The Wild says they are building the next Harry Potter. Their 2222 avatar collection has just sold out and revealed. DOORS is a stoytelling studio 30+ professional authors and scriptwriters that have been active since 2019. Recently they’ve joined Ubisoft Entrepreneur’s Labs.

  • Browser-based MMO starting Open Alpha in mid-June

This game has a very transparent earning pool. It’s a great example of how companies and games can integrate ApeCoin as incentives to their community and player bases. It’s exciting to dive into their active discord & twitter community, and they just may deliver on “being the next Harry Potter.”

A Transparent ApeCoin Treasury For Earning

Lightpaper (best explanation of the project)
OpenSea Avatar Collection:

This is a great example of how a game and project can incorporate ApeCoin as incentives in a transparent way. Additionally, these players become small holders of ApeCoin who are now invested in our ecosystem and the future of ApeCoin as a whole. I’m very happy to see this!

I’m Todd — a happy contributor of the ApeCoin DAO who follows the latest gaming announcements and projects. You can follow my continuous news thread on the official ApeCoin Forums at the link below. Thank you!

I’m also active on Twitter @ If you have any secret alpha or upcoming news, please reach out through private messages!



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