“If I had an extra 100 million ApeCoin” The Manifesto Of A Gamer Who Isn’t Monkey’ing Around

Footage from the early Otherside Teaser

ApeCoin has a bright future ahead of it. Although the roadmap isn’t laid out to be easily read, in these early days we can follow the moves being made so far. Much of the “War Chest” will likely be used to power Yuga Labs new project.

At the time of this writing, April 24th, ApeCoin DAO is preparing to vote on it’s second set of proposals. The first few AIP (Ape Improvement Proposals) were successful, while the 4th and 5th related to staking protocols were not..

Importantly, had these staking protocols succeeded, Bored Ape and Mutant Ape Holders would've earned many ApeCoins, 100 million. There’s a chance that a staking protocol is introduced once again, while others have a belief that they missed their chance at these extra 100,000,000 ApeCoins.

To me, a gamer who is betting on ApeCoin to power Play-To-Earn, I look at this as getting 100 million more ApeCoin to allocate towards projects within the ApeCoin Ecosystem. It grows our “War Chest,” as we our coin powers Yuga Lab’s Otherside to become a healthy and powerful metaverse project.

What would I do with an EXTRA 100,000,000 ApeCoin?

  • Allocate them to games offering small amounts of ApeCoin to players

Each of the above have a theme. I have little-to-no interest in small projects that ask for 6969 ApeCoin to profit off the idea. These type of small pop-up proposals will undoubtedly jam up the voting process. Ultimately these same small projects will sell their ApeCoin on the open market to cash out.

Protecting ApeCoin’s Price requires that we:

  • Maximize allocations for projects that have a utility for granted ApeCoin

There’s many angles and strategies for protecting the value of the coin. Positively, staking rewards those who hold these digital assets, preventing large dumps and fluctuation of the price on the open market. For that reason alone, if we do have a staking proposal pass, I will be happy for the holders.

But if i had an extra 100,000,000 million ApeCoin to devote to great gaming ecosystem projects, I’d be happy to put it to use proper use. My first proposal will be interesting to see go to the snapshot voting stage. It is not a small proposal, and it is a guarantee to create 100k+ new ApeCoin holders.

By distributing our coins to games, the players who earn them become small holders who are invested in ApeCoins future. The developers of these games can create earning mechanisms which reward the players, slowly releasing these coins into players hands. Its a safe way to distribute the tokens.

If a large studio were to acquire a grant for raw ApeCoin, they will have to sell these on the open markets, converting the coin into Fiat, and lowering the price of the coin overall. Allocating coins to existing games to be earned by the players is a safe way to slowly distribute these to many holders over time.

Adding onto the utility of this token, players earning these tokens can take and use them in other games, or back into the same game they are playing. This creates an economy where circulation happens within the ecosystem, a certain amount “cashed out,” while the others held for ecosystem use.

As a full-time gamer and player, I entered into this arena with these goal of promoting Play-To-Earn, and as ive learned about Open Metaverse concepts, I’ve come to understand that ability to make a living online is crucial to the goals that I, and many others, are pushing to see come to fruition.

For Metaverse Adoption To See %100 Success:

  • Earnings and income need to translate to metaverse and real life wealth

In the spirit of encouraging large holders to keep and circulate these tokens, perhaps an easy staking mechanism would be a good thing for the DAO, as it gives investment-minded people reason to hold. As for the gaming-minded people, we’d rather see these coins go into innovation and ecoystem health.

Throughout the rest of this year, my actions and proposals will be based on the presented concepts above. I will downplay and discourage small proposals that “jam” the system, I will promote allocations and grants to existing games, and get excited about Otherside and projects that we’ve committed to power.



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