Apecoin Newsletters! AIP-66 Has Been Accepted & Voted On — A Good Thing For The Community!

0xSword (Todd)
3 min readJul 2, 2022


ApeCoin Newsletters Are Going To Be Funded

AIP-66 has been successfully voted on by the community. There are a lot of positive reasons for having newsletters made by members of the DAO.

Oftentimes it can be difficult for holders to keep up with the latest happenings involving AIPs and happenings in around the token. This new proposal will fund 3 newsletters for the next year, which will be used to keep $APE holders in the loop regardless of their involvement in the forums or twitter spaces.

An autonomous organization in its early stages relies on having active participants — and in this specific AIP’s case, there were very few who actively voted on the measure. Thankfully it passed, as newsletters to alert token holders will surely increase the number of holders who are voting. Currently conversations have been fairly quiet across all channels regarding new activity and plans for the token.

Whether someone has purchased Apecoin to hold, or they’ve acquired them to be a part of the DAO, its important that their ideas and votes are accounted for. I feel that there are new opportunities for community growth through newsletter outreach. There are a few different groups/individuals that are interested in running a newsletter. In the coming weeks they will be nominated for funding!

I’ll certainly be throwing my hat in the ring, as I already run a private newsletter, with ~125 subscribers. With this AIP’s support, I’ll be able to take it public, creating more content & artwork for the posts, developing videos & things that go beyond the scope of a simple newsletter. Outside of just BAYC holders, there are large numbers of smaller holders that could benefit from frequent updates.

Behind the scenes, separate from newsletter things, I’ve been interacting & testing a couple of the games that are being built with the Apecoin ecosystem in mind. I think there are ways the DAO can better server creators through grants & general support, and will be working to create consensus between the influential groups in the greater BAYC / MAYC ecosystem. There’s opportunity for everybody to win.

Gaming & metaverse topics are what has driven the excitement around this token for many individuals. We’re powering The Otherside and we’ve got a large allotment of tokens to be distributed for creator grants & investments between now and the end of the year. There are a few different ways we can do this, my ideals of using Apecoin grants for player rewards has been agreed to be a good option.

There’s quite a few things that are coming up in the near future, even during a bear market where engagement and token prices have fallen. I’ll continue to bring more ideas to the table through the different mediums that I have, and my excitement for AIP-66 is that ideas like mine can get more exposure. There’s a bright future ahead, and even a person with a small following on twitter can make a difference.



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