ApeCoin Gaming News: Introducing Dustland’s Operation Ape Pass — A Move To Earn Audio Fitness Game

Dustland is a move-to-earn audio adventure. When starting the app, the story begins and is continued as a player runs further. It’s compatible with a treadmill or along the sidewalks. Players earn $DOSE which can be converted to $APE with the member pass.

  • An Audio Fitness Blockchain Game requiring users to physically move and work out

This is a great game for players looking to earn cryptocurrency rewards for their daily routine and additionally includes an audio story that feels much like listening to an audible e-book. Dustlands is an enjoyable experience which motivates runners to continue towards the next chapter!

https://www.thedustland.com/ https://twitter.com/the_dustland
Buster’s Twitter (Dustland’s Bored Ape) — https://twitter.com/buster_dustland
Fitness Metaverse: https://www.olivex.ai/ -https://discord.com/QbMvT24ehx
OliveX Twitter Accounts -https://twitter.com/olivexaihttps://twitter.com/OlivexFitness

Dustland has recently announced App Store availability for iOS devices. They continue to host fitness webinars alonside information about their $DOSE cryptocurrency on their twitter accounts, and interacting with Buster (Dustland’s Bored Ape) is a fun experience they are promoting!




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