ApeCoin Gaming News- Introducing Darewise’s Life Beyond — An AAA MMORPG

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Life Beyond’s New Ape “Franck”

Introducing Darewise’s Life Beyond — an MMORPG with AAA development team

Life Beyond has been in development for a few years now. In this multiplayer online RPG players are sent to a distant planet to help heal the ecosystem. After arriving on Dolos they will setup bold player driven economies and governments as they unlock new regions. Early airdrops and playtests are currently going.

  • AAA development team with experience ranging from Assassins Creed, Disney games, Fable…
  • An existing base of devoted players and testers are excited and involved with the development
  • Darewise was founded in 2018 with a focus on creating Life Beyond, now a team of more than 40
  • Founders packs are available for access to early play tests and rewards for this MMORPG game

This game has been the main focus of this entire team since conception. It’s a project that is four years into development (par for the course) and there is a lot of recent news to indicate it will soon be possible for players to enter the world and begin settling on the distant planet of Dolos in the open alpha stage!

CEO of Darewise (he’s an Ape too!) Ben Charbit — https://twitter.com/Ben_Charbit
Founders Packs Available @ https://packs.playlifebeyond.com/ 3 — Discord:

Darewise has joined the BAYC family and have acquired their first Ape (named Franck). They will be supporting ApeCoin in Life Beyond and look to make their mark as contributing members of our communities. The Bored Ape Gazette covered this extensively along with Animocas connection @ https://www.theboredapegazette.com/post/animoca-brands-acquired-gaming-studio-darewise-now-the-studio-has-joined-the-bayc-wants-to-use-ape

“Hi there,” Life Beyond tweeted following the acquisition by Animoca Brands. “Meet Franck, the first official Bored Ape joining Life Beyond’s family! Imagine a bridge joining the crazy universe of the @BoredApeYC and ours? Who knows, maybe someday you’ll see some very bored and very mutant Apes wandering on Dolos.” — The Bored Ape Gazette — https://theboredapegazette.com



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