ApeCoin Gaming News: Introducing Animoca’s Benji Bananas

(Membership Passes for Benji Bananas ApeCoin Integration)

Introducing the first game of the Ape Ecosystem: Animoca’s Benji Bananas!

Benji Bananas has grown over the last 9 years to become a worldwide game. It balances a mix of fast-paced gameplay with strategy, while also rewarding players who practice mastery of the game mechanics. There are communities of fans and players throughout the world who love the product.

  • Benji Bananas Mobile Game was released in 2013
  • Considered a classic and popular game around the world
  • Currently a Free-To-Play Game with upcoming Apecoin Integration
  • Total of 50 million+ downloads on iOS and Android indicates longevity
  • Official Website: https://benjibananas.com Owned by: https//animocabrands.com

This game was acquired in its early days by Animoca and has continued to see great success and growth through consistent updates, responding to user feedback, and promoting a competitive 2-player mode. An upcoming play-to-earn integration with ApeCoin is exciting many players!

Chairman of Animoca Brands (and fellow Bored Ape) Yat Siu: https://twitter.com/ysiu
Membership Passes Available @ https://opensea.io/collection/benji-bananas-membership-pass

Benji Bananas has allocated 125,000 ApeCoin to be earned by pass holders. The game’s smart contract is currently undergoing legal and security auditing. It is expected that players can begin earning tokens that can be swapped for ApeCoin in the month of April with rumors of future larger earning pools.




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