An Introduction: Brands And Individuals Are Learning What It Means To “Live” Online In The Metaverse!

There’s a great deal of talk and push towards the idea of gaming and metaverse. The concept of living, learning, earning, and networking is captivating both audiences and brands around the world.

Providing digital experiences, for an array of users, is something that one was the focus of game developers online. It’s expanded in recent years, where now interactive social media and websites promote engagement between companies and their faithful fanbase. These experiences generate both goodwill and income!

“We’re all going to make it,” WAGMI for short, is being thrown around by more than just the online crypto and NFT culture. It’s effectively a movement who’s origins come from an online fitness board. It was adopted by the communities of today, where it’s become a rallying cry that even Facebook, Pepsi, and Coors can be seen using. Look at this conversation with me…

(Recent “conversation” between brands)

(Recent “conversation” between brands)

I have spent now-hundreds of hours immersed studyIng the NFT and metaverse culture myself. It should come as no surprise that large brands have also taken note.

It’s easy to imagine online experiences powered by these brands. Concerts and collectibles, exclusive experiences, even interactions like the above which may appear strange to individuals on the outside looking in. What these brands are doing is creating an online person, so that when you think of them, instead they feel more like a person.

We’ve often witnessed, on Twitter especially, funny short interactions between brands. At first, one could think, “Whoever is running these pages has a great sense of humor!” That line of thinking is becoming less-and-less of a thought with the posts above. These brands now present themselves as online personas, and they’ve learned and mimic these behaviors through popular online cultures and movements.

One important concept of metaverse is living online, and regardless of age race or sex picking an online picture to represent the things done and said online. Look no further than the Bored Ape Yacht Club, an iconic online community, if you’re looking for the influence of the above interactions between brands.

In my blog posts here on Medium, I’d like to highlight the things that people are getting right about metaverse, while also pointing our cultural trends that are being misconstrued. Along the way, I’ll learn a thing or three myself.

I go by the name Sword online. That’s me. And my experiences being immersed in online games(sometimes as a catfish or female) have shaped my unique view on the metaverse and what it means to live and love online. I’m happy to be here and able to share my experiences!



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0xSword (Todd)

I’m a creative writer who has lived in online games, the metaverse, for many years. I am here to guide conversations and influence the future of gaming.