AIP DRAFT: Brand Decision For Animoca’s Benji Bananas — ApeCoin DAO

  • Free-To-Play (F2P) — A game setting requiring no money to play and often accompanied by in-game purchases to generate revenue.
  • Play-To-Earn (P2E) — A game setting (sometimes requiring a pass) where players earn ingame currency that can be traded for tokens such as ApeCoin.
  • Earning Pool (EP) — The type of smart contract Animoca is using for Benji Bananas. Dedicated to holding funds for players to earn cryptocurrency.
  • Benji Bananas Mobile Game was released in 2013
  • Considered a classic and popular game around the world
  • Currently a Free-To-Play Game with upcoming Apecoin Integration
  • Total of 50 million+ downloads on iOS and Android indicates longevity
  • Official Website: Owned by: https//
  • This year we have a budget of 19,840,000 ApeCoin to allocate to Game Development
  • These allocations are both for new games and incentives in current games to adopt ApeCoin
  • Using existing games is a fast way to distribute tokens while new development takes time
  • In-game earning mechanics limit daily amount users can earn from pool
  • Management of these earning mechanisms is the responsibility of developer
  1. Animoca announced a smart contract and legal audit expected to finish in April
  2. Upon creation of the initial earning pool, 5000 first members will begin to test
  3. ApeCoin DAO will 400% match the initial earning pool size for this first step
  4. The creation of a larger earning pool for all users of the game will then begin
  1. After the initial rollout of the first earning pool and successful integration marks step 2
  2. An advertising campaign is rolled out to increase player count and daily game usage
  3. ApeCoin DAO will fund the larger initial earning pool for F2P game players worldwide
  4. Brand partnerships and the game’s management continue to refine the earning mechanism
  • Estimated promotional costs are minimal with this game as it is already active worldwide
  • Made available from the Ecosystem Fund for brand promotions is 225,000 ApeCoin
  • Promotional activities include live events, sponsoring game streamers, and more
  • Initial membership passes of the game will earn from this first smart contract pool
  • Made available from the Ecosystem Fund for this earning pool is 500,000 ApeCoin
  • The game’s management team will continue to refine the earning mechanism
  • A larger pool for all players worldwide to earn from distributes ApeCoin fairly
  • Made available from the Ecosystem Fund for this earning pool is 825,000 ApeCoin
  • Each users will collect in game items that can be exchanged for ApeCoin tokens



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