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Authors Note: My initial idea proposal has grown! I’m really proud of this first draft that has been submitted to the ApeCoin moderators. I’ve made the choice to make this a Brand Decision instead of an Ecosystem fund.

There are a few reasons for this change. A brand decision gives Animoca the promotional materials such as the logo, a small alotment for advertising, and ultimately empowers them to carry forward the ideals of the Ape Foundation.

Below is a copy of the draft. It is best read through Microsoft Word or Google Docs, which can be found here: (link removed. not working properly! sorry!)

Proposal Name: Brand Decision: Animoca’s Benji Bananas

Proposal Category: Brand Decision


This document proposes a brand decision to acknowledge Animoca’s Benji Bananas as an integral part of the Ape Ecosystem. It is the first game to adopt ApeCoin as a currency that can be earned by players. Currently there are 5,000 passes minted and sold for players to earn ApeCoin. Outlined below is a brand decision to support Animoca’s Benji Bananas to further the DAO’s goals.


The main motivation behind this proposal is to acknowledge and support Benji Bananas as an Ape-specific initiative that has been led by Animoca Brands. There are currently 5,000 minted membership passes. Players holding these passes will earn an ingame token that can be swapped for ApeCoin. This game represents the first that will showcase how ApeCoin can be used as a gaming token and method for distributing small amounts of ApeCoin to players.


Animoca’s Benji Bananas game is the first of many that will adopt ApeCoin as an incentive for its player base. It’s expected to launch ingame earnings for ApeCoin in the month of April of this year. An innovative smart contract has been created and is currently undergoing legal and security audits. At launch, players will earn a small amount of ApeCoin for their time spent.

Allocating a significant number of ApeCoin to the earning pools of this game can effectively distribute the token worldwide. The addition of a larger pool created for F2P users makes earning ApeCoin accessible to a worldwide audience. It is estimated this could increase ApeCoin holder count by more than 100,000 diverse users, possibly exceeding 500,000.

Key terms

There are some key terms in gaming that are used to define games that are free to play. In this proposal and in the future, they’ll often be referred to in short form as F2P or P2E. Here’s a short list:

These are common terms that are used across the game industry. For the purposes of creating direct and straight proposals, we will limit the amount of acronyms used to the above terms.


In the specifications below, we’ve compiled information about the Benji Bananas game and history. There is also a section where ecosystem fund allocations are highlighted. Included in this document is information on the plans for allocating ApeCoin earning pools for players to earn inside of the game.

Benji Bananas has grown over the last 9 years to become a worldwide game. It balances a mix of fast-paced gameplay with strategy, while also rewarding players who practice mastery of the game mechanics. There are communities of fans and players throughout the world who love the product.

This game was acquired in its early days by Animoca and has continued to see great success and growth through consistent updates, responding to user feedback, and promoting a competitive 2-player mode.


There are numerous benefits to allocating ApeCoins towards games. Each use case is unique based on the developer and player base. These types of allocations and support from the DAO can attract news attention and distribute small amounts tokens to a diverse group of international players.

The Ape Foundation is responsible for the administration of these funds. Throughout the remainder of the year, the DAO will vote on allocations to be made to both new and existing games. These games additionally benefit from the rights to use ApeCoin in their advertising and branding strategies.

Earnings Mechanism

It is the responsibility of the game developer to properly manage and maintain the earning pool’s distribution speed for longevity. It is the assumed responsibility of the development team to ensure the allocated tokens are fairly distributed through earning mechanisms.

Games that integrate crypto-currencies limit the amount earned. In other use cases by Animoca Brands, we can see daily limits, such as goals to complete, and a reason to return daily to earn more.

Benefits of Brand Decision

There are numerous benefits to being associated and having an approved brand decision made by the ApeCoin DAO. These include allocations from the Ecosystem Fund, ongoing licensing of the ApeCoin brand and logo, as well as promising future opportunities unrealized within the Ape Ecosystem.

Steps to Implement

In the fast moving world of cryptocurrency, NFTS, and gaming: Animoca is considered a leader of the pack. They are currently pursuing legal and security audits for the first earning pool of this game.

These first players will gain attention for testing the systems. This time will allow the developers and the game’s management teams to comply with App Store and legal regulations to provide a seamless experience for players for the roll out of a larger second earning pool meant for all players worldwide.

As this game begins to reward all players with small amounts of ApeCoin, additional brand promotion is needed to further the adoption of ApeCoin into additional games. The DAO grants branded partners the rights to use the ApeCoin logo and associated IPs for the benefits of news and promotions.


This is the first game to utilize ApeCoin and the play-to-earn feature is expected to be launched within the month of April. Currently 5,000 membership passes are distributed for players to test and refine the earning mechanism. The initial earning pool is currently undergoing both legal and security audits.

Overall Cost

Animoca Brands has taken the first step to cover the costs of the creation of the initial earning pool for the first group of players to test the earning mechanism. There are additional expected costs that come with branding the game with ApeCoin and promotion of this game on a worldwide scale.

An initial earning pool has already been added by Animoca Brands for the first membership pass holders of this game. There are currently 5,000 distributed passes in circulation across the globe. These first users will help test the system and promote the game in varying capacities as requested by Animoca Brands. There are currently 125,000 ApeCoin dedicated to the initial earning pool for these players.

A larger earning pool for all users of the game effectively spreads small amounts of ApeCoin across the world to a diverse set of users. Adding a large amount of funds to this earning pool empowers Animoca Brands to distribute ApeCoin through their Benji Bananas games to a worldwide audience of players.

Animoca has led the way in play-to-earn games and strategies. They have multiple gaming coins and great experience when it comes to managing expectations and player experiences. There’s great advantages to giranting them a Brand Decision and ability to use ApeCoin’s logo and benefits.



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