0xSword Origins: What Lead A Young Trucking Exec To The Metaverse & Web3?

Does Knowledge In Transportation Translate To Web3?
Route 66 Is A Famous Highway Route
“Humpin’ To Please,” Was The Motto of Campbell 66 Express
“Campbell 66 Express” Last Year of Operation Was 1986…But The Story Continued…
“Snortin’ Nortin” Was Hand-Painted On Every Trailer
Equipment Costs In Transportation Raise While Credit Availability Drops
“No Credit, No Money Down” Sounds Like A Used Car Saleman’s Line, Right?
Here’s a photo of my motorcycle @ age 20



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0xSword (Todd)

0xSword (Todd)

I’m a creative writer who has lived in online games, the metaverse, for many years. I am here to guide conversations and influence the future of gaming.